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Forming Ideas Into Solutions

Intelliform Projects and Clients

Some past projects Intelliform has accomplished for clients (click on a company name for more information):

Intelliform helped Northrop Grumman develop FPGA’s for visual, infrared and laser sensors.

Intelliform helped Qualcomm develop ASIC’s for a cell phone processor.

Intelliform helped Atheros develop FPGA’s and ASIC’s for HomePlug AV Powerline Networking.

Intelliform helped Aeronix develop FPGA’s for a DARPA F6 Fractional Satellite program.

Intelliform helped Nortel develop ASIC’s for data center switch and router products.

Intelliform helped Fujitsu develop ASIC’s for a 10-Gb add/drop multiplexor.

Intelliform helped Sony develop an ASIC for copy protection via watermark technology.

Intelliform helped Alcatel develop ASIC’s for a SONET Line Multiplexor.

Intelliform helped National Semiconductor develop ASIC’s for personal computing products.

Intelliform helped Synopsys synthesize an ASIC for one of their clients.

Intelliform helped Real3D develop documentation for ASIC’s used in 3D graphics products.

Intelliform helped IBM develop ASIC’s for Radio Frequency ID (RFID) applications.

Intelliform helped Sega’s AM2 department develop ASIC’s and FPGA’s for arcarde and home products.